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2010 Prom Limo Exclusive Offer

With service in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, a complete selection of stretch limousines and prom limo packages, our Limousine Service is offering one of the most comprehensive limousine packages available for Prom Night 2009. It includes complementary NON-ALCOHOLIC BAR, not 8 but 10 hours of service, pick-up and drop-off of all your buddies, Plasma TVs through out the limo. You can do better than that. This is a limited time offer, so contact us today and find out why time and time again we have exceeded our customers expectations.
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Money Saving Tips - Limo Rental

You have reach the number source for prom limousines in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Prom Night 2009 is bound to be one of the most memorable nights of your life and you shouldn't have to loose the shirt on your back while you at it. If you went to your Junior High School prom, forget everything you thought you knew about what goes on prom night. High School proms are totally different. High School Proms are big business. It can be fun to bring out the bling and feel like a star for one night but it also can be expensive.

So first things first. You need to book a limousine service early in advance (this means months in advance). You could be sure that every limousine service in New York City and its surrounding areas will be booked on Prom Night. Unfortunately, the fact is that there is not enough prom limousines to go around in such a short stretch of time. Long Island prom limousines companies tend to get book the earliest. So if your prom is in Long Island, you better pick up the phone and start making calls right now to your local limousine service or else you'll be going to the prom on foot (your date will definitely not approve of this).

After Long Island, Limousine services in Westchester seems to be the next in line to get book, especially Yonkers and White Plains. Limousine services in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan scramble to serve the more rich areas of the city like Staten Island. So again Prom Limousines will be in short supply for Prom Night 2009. I can not mention this enough; Book your Prom Limo EARLY.  DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE.

Still not convince? Here are some more good reason to book early:

  1. Hang on to your wallet prom costs are skyrocketing. A USA Today survey found that some couples reported spending a shocking $3,000 or more on their proms last year. I will bet you 80% of that to transportation to and from the prom. But get this, just about every limousine service in New York City offers huge discounts to prom goers who booked early in the season. Usually the earlier you book the steeper the discount.
  2. The slowest month for New York City Prom Limousine companies is between December and February right after the wedding season is over. Limousines companies are strap for cash and will welcome any opportunity to book a job. This gives you negotiating power. This means that not only can you get a better price but also extra hours or even special treatment like getting pickup at either LaGuardia lga airport or Kennedy JFK airport by your limousine driver.
  3. This is important. If you book early, you can get the limo you want. Everyone wants the H2 Hummer and for good reason. It is fun and state of the art. This year is going to be the Chrysler Hemi 300. This limousine looks like a Bentley at a fraction of the cost.

More Money Saving Tips

With a little bit of planning and creativity, the prom doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are a few less expensive options:

  • Try renting dresses or tuxedos or paying for them in installments if you don't want to blow a lot of cash.
  • Thrift shopping for cool finds is a great way to get style on the cheap. You may be able to find some funky vintage shoes, purses, jewelry, and other accessories.
  • Think about borrowing clothes or accessories from older siblings or friends.
  • If you can't afford a trip to a beauty salon, go to a drugstore with a friend and treat yourselves to some new beauty supplies. You can spend the afternoon helping one another.
  • Instead of an expensive restaurant, opt for a romantic picnic dinner in the park or meet up at a friend's place for some home cooking.
  • Some schools offer a discount for buying prom tickets in bulk.

If you're going with a date, talk openly about what's important to him or her - that way you'll have some idea of where you should spend your money. And guys shouldn't feel pressure to pay for everything - in fact, lots of girls prefer to share the expenses and have some choice in what the plans are.

If you need to ask a parent or other family member for help with your finances, offer to make up the cash by doing chores around the house like mowing the lawn, doing the dishes, or babysitting your little brother or sister. Sometimes parents are happy to help with some expenses - such as a limo that means they won't have to worry about how you'll get home.

It sounds cheesy, but there is just something magical about the prom. Maybe it's the ride in a HUMMER  limo that makes you feel like a celebrity, or the glammed-up attire. It could be the twinkle lights that decorate the NYC skylight, or being out all night with your closest friends. No matter what it is, on prom night you want to make an impression to last a life time. Just remember that in 30 years, you can always go back on reminisce how for one night you and your friends were on top of the world.

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