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2010 Prom Limo Exclusive Offer

With service in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut, a complete selection of stretch limousines and prom limo packages, our Limousine Service is offering one of the most comprehensive limousine packages available for Prom Night 2009. It includes complementary NON-ALCOHOLIC BAR, not 8 but 10 hours of service, pick-up and drop-off of all your buddies, Plasma TVs through out the limo. You can do better than that. This is a limited time offer, so contact us today and find out why time and time again we have exceeded our customers expectations.
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Worried your kids might be doing risky things like having sex in their prom-bound limo?

Well, it may seem like a stretch, but one limousine drivers' company claims there's no risky business going on in any limos rented by teens.

The National Limousine Association, says when teens rent limos, it's an industry standard for the driver to take the kids aside and tell them what won't be accepted during the ride -- such as drugs, booze or sex.

Also drivers are required to take down the solid divider that closes off the window behind them so they can personally check to make sure the kids don't pull a fast one on them.

Parents want peace of mind? Make sure the limousine company you hire is associated with safety programs such as the National Safety Alliance which requires it’s drivers to be drug tested on a regular basis, the Better Business Bureau for accountability within the community, and the Public Service Commission which set industry standards for the safe operation for all limo services. Our limousine service requires its drivers to carry a Class B (passenger endorsed) driver’s license that qualifies them to operate even the largest limo service vehicles.

If possible go to the limo provider and check out the limousine service vehicle beforehand, to assure that the limousine you are reserving is the limousine that shows up on prom night.  Avoid getting a poor quality vehicle at your door on that special evening. Parents should take time to make sure that the company they hire, has safe limos so that everyone can both relax and enjoy the evening of the prom.

High School Seniors

Sex on prom night: Don't do it. Don't do it because you feel you should since it's often "expected" on prom night. Don't do it because your friends tell you it's what you should do. Don't do it because your date tries to force you into it. Don't do it because you've been drinking. Don't do it if you're not ready, because, if you do it, there will be consequences. And the consequences will always be more negative than positive.

Don't do it period. Consider the law: sex with a minor is a Federal offense. And consider the punishment: Prison.

When is someone a minor? Any time they are under the age of 18 and you are not. Now consider the following; a guy could be charged with molesting, or harassing, or even rape if the girl is under the age of 18. Even if the girl consents, you could still be charged with having sex with a minor and you could find yourself in cell next to a 300 pound gorilla with a very active libido. So be careful. Especially if you're over 18 and the other person is not.

FYI: The diff between sex and romance is that sex is just that: sex. It's a lustful thing. Romance is about finding someone you really like, even love spending time with them. It may end up with you making out with them. Sex will come WAY LATER, when the time is DEFINITELY RIGHT. Just because it's prom and it seems romantic, it doesn't mean that it has to lead to sex.

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